Eric Vaarzon Morel & Gijs Scholten van Aschat at LantarenVenster


Otto Reuchlinweg 996


€ 20,-


Three Dutch men go south in search of a different culture. Two of them play their instruments, the guitar and the trumpet, and the other reads. They embrace the language and the music of the south, they arrive in Spain, Portugal and Brazil. They meet Lorca, flamenco, jazz, duende, Pessoa, Drummond the Andrade and more than they can tell of in one night.

During winter this trio brings the burning sun, Latin love and a slow siësta in to the theater.

Eric Vaarzon Morel, Eric Vloeimans and Gijs Scholten van Aschat battle each other with their strongest weapons. Eric and Eric with their music, Gijs with his words...
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